Sunshine Grammar School and College now has an online directory of old Sunshiners on Facebook. Through this group, you can update your details, keep in touch with your class mates and re-establish old friendships. In order to become a part of this group, you need to have a Facebook account. Approval to join the group may take upto 3 days.

We shall soon have our very own dedicated alumni page online where you will be able to register your details, search for friends, make contact with your old teachers directly, post news items and keep abreast of school news and alumnae event.

We greatly look forward to hearing about what you are doing currently doing and would like to keep you updated with all the latest developments at school.

Updating your details via e-mail

We would be grateful if you could kindly update us with the following details via e-mail :

Your Full Name, Your Year of Graduation, Your University and Course of Study and your Current Educational/Employment Details

Registering with Sunshine Alumni will allow us to get in touch with you and notify you about current events, send you alumni newsletters, provide you with an opportunity to create new career networks and put you in contact with your old class mates. If you would like to search Sunshiners for a reunion, we would be happy to help you.

We hope you will enjoy the selection of old photographs from our photo library - they are certainly going to bring back a lot of wonderful memories from school life.

Alumni Registration Request Form






Current occupation

Place of work