Students studying in the junior classes (Play Group - Grade V) are taught a wide range of subjects, including English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Bengali (or Hindi/Urdu), Religious Studies and Moral Sciences, History, Geography, Physical Education, Art, Music and Computing Studies.

Along with high academic standards, the curriculum involves a lot of non-academic pursuits and is designed such that each individual student can make the best of the wide range of activities available as part of the school curriculum. Art and Music are compulsory for all students and the School encourages students to take up a musical instrument, arranging individual lessons if required. Team spirit is instilled into Sunshiners from a very young age, be it in the form of classroom activities, performing choruses, acting in dramas at the school events, debating or being part of the thriving Junior Cricket team.

Visits to museums, zoos, amusement parks and places of educational interest are made each term. At the end of the school year, a gala Class Party is organised by students for students, often regarded as the highlight of the the year by many pupils. A variety of activities are organised during the holidays, including sporting events and cultural visits.