1. Enjoy Yourself - Safia Ghazi Rahman
General Education (Primary)
First Published : 1987
An illustrated book teaching the basics of the English alphabets and numbers for the 5-6 year age group.

2.Our Earth and Bangladesh - Safia Ghazi Rahman
Geography and Bangladesh Studies
First Published : 1997
A comprehensive text book of physical and commercial geography, with a special emphasis on Bangladeshi terrain and infrastructure.

3. Biology for Beginners - Safia Ghazi Rahman
Biology (Science Series)
First Published : 2005
A textbook covering the basics of plant and animal biology to help students understand science through project work and application of scientific knowledge.

4. God, the Almighty - Safia Ghazi Rahman
Religious Studies/Moral Science
First Published : 2006
A concise book on religion, morals and beliefs. Covers all major religions, with emphasis on the the importance of good manners and morals.

5. My Grammar Book I - Safia Ghazi Rahman
English Grammar
First Published : 2006
A text book on the application of English Grammar for students of Grade IV and V.

6. My Grammar Book II - Safia Ghazi Rahman
English Grammar
First Published : 2007
The second installment of 'My Grammar Book I', continuing on from the preceding part.

7. Our Earth and Bangladesh for the Little Ones - Safia Ghazi Rahman
First Published : 2007
A short version of 'Our Earth and Bangladesh', specially edited for the young ones of the ages 7-9.

8. The Mughal History - Safia Ghazi Rahman
First Published : 2007
A book of history that covers the history of the Indian sub-continent from the time of the Mughals to present day South Asia.

9. The Sunshine Poems - Safia Ghazi Rahman
English Literature
First Published : 2008
A fun and original poem book for ages 3-7 that deals with the concepts of nature, morals and happiness in life.

10. Focus - The Yearly School Magazine
The Official School Magazine, covering the highlights and achievements of the school year.

11. La Sunshine - School Newsletter
The Principal's work has also been published in the official Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations O Level textbooks and teacher's guides on 'Bangladesh Studies'.